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Why Monarch™ Platform Never Lose Sight


Endoscopic Access to Peripheral Nodules

Access Deeper into the Lung Periphery

The Monarch Platform reinvents the concept of a bronchoscope, leveraging the power of robotics and a novel telescoping design to reach deeper into the lung than conventional methods. In our REACH study, the unique bronchoscope and sheath telescoping design successfully accessed all 18 segments of the lung and reached an average of 4.2cm further than a conventional thin bronchoscope.

Navigate Tortuous Airways

The bronchoscope and sheath telescoping design provide stability and control. The sheath can be articulated up to 130 degrees in any direction to create a stable base to advance the small bronchoscope. Once advanced beyond the sheath, the bronchoscope provides an additional 180 degrees of flexion in any direction. This advanced maneuverability is important to navigate the small, tortuous anatomy of the lungs. Each component of the bronchoscope can be independently articulated, advanced, retracted, and positionally locked, allowing physicians greater control and maneuverability deep in the lung where most small nodules are found.



Real-time Vision Throughout Intervention

Experience Vision During Peripheral Biopsy

The Monarch Platform is designed to provide vision throughout the procedure. Limited vision, or no vision, forces a physician to rely on other technology to approximate location and trajectory, which can lead to an unsuccessful biopsy. With an integrated camera, irrigation and suction built into the tip of the bronchoscope, physicians can rely on direct vision of their biopsy field and instruments, providing valuable information to aid in a procedure’s success.

Bronchoscope and Navigation Integration

Direct vision is combined with proprietary fused-navigational technology, and then integrated into one user interface. The Monarch Platform combines three distinct navigation technologies – electromagnetics, optical pattern recognition and robotic kinematic data – to triangulate bronchoscope location during the procedure and provide accurate positional data to physicians performing a bronchoscopy.

Monarch robotic bronchoscopy control and precision


Designed to Provide Precise Targeting During Biopsy

Precision Targeting

Using a familiar controller interface, physicians can easily control the bronchoscope, enabling precise, sub-millimeter movements when targeting suspicious areas of a nodule. The Monarch Platform technology is designed to combine uninterrupted vision with a dedicated working channel and robotically-controlled bronchoscope.

Physician Control

Once a physician reaches a nodule, the Monarch Platform may be robotically “parked” in position. Through the power of robotics, the bronchoscope tip remains in place and minimizes unwanted movement. Now the physician’s arms and hands are free to focus on the intervention and provide a much-desired answer to their patients.